Ormonde Stillorgan
Lower Kilmacud Road,
The Ormonde Cinema - The latest venue for Conferences, Presentations, Meetings etc. has actually been around as a cinema since 1955. Starting as a single screen facility with 1,000 seats, it was far in advance of older cinemas in style, film presentation & sound.

Between the late 1950s and modern day, many changes took place in leisure activities which threatened the future of The Ormonde. With the advent of Television and then in the late 1970s, the popularity of home video, the cinema industry in Ireland gradually went into decline.

The then manager of the Ormonde cinema, Andrew O'Gorman, never lost his belief that the entertainment value of movies on the big screen would never be replaced. In spite of this optimism however, the then owners decided to sell out & the Stillorgan Plaza shopping centre was developed. The developers were persuaded to include a 3 screen cinema which opened in 1983.

It was still a difficult time for the cinema industry, but with the help and support of his family and an excellent dedicated staff, Andrew O'Gorman carried the Ormonde through the difficult stage until the novelty of Television & Video wore off in the late 1980's and the public once again looked to cinema as a great night's entertainment at a relatively low cost.

It is now an accepted fact that the ambience of the cinema auditorium is the only way to enjoy a really good movie. About that time, the development of multiplex cinemas was emerging in America and not to be outdone by his stateside colleagues, Andrew O'Gorman set about obtaining more space to expand his own screens.

The plaza centre had failed as a shopping centre at that time, so after some discussions with the owners it was agreed that the plaza would be re-developed and four extra screens and a spacious off-street lobby would be made available to the Ormonde cinema to bring the total to seven screens.

With an investment of just €2 million, the present seven screen complex was developed to include luxurious armchair seating, state of the art sound and top class lighting & heating.

The complex was officially opened in April 1997 by the Irish "Mr. Cinema" himself, Dave Fanning. Since then the public perception of the cinema complex has been very positive with many compliments being received.

In addition the spacious lobby can comfortably accommodate over 200 people for receptions. Food can be organised onsite or with a number of restaurants in the area including "Blakes Bistro" which is next door or the "Stillorgan Park Hotel" within 200 Yards.