Doheny & Nesbitts

Doheny & Nesbitts, legendary Dublin traditional bar, is located on Baggot Street.

On any given night in Doheny & Nesbitts you might overhear the latest political scandal, find out where a sporting manager is getting it wrong or get some create tips for the stock exchange.


Situated on Baggot Street, Doheny & Nesbitts is a popular haunt with a broad cross section of Dublin life with the bar frequented by politicians, civil servants, sports fans, journalists, office workers and economists.


Just around the corner from government buildings, it is rumoured that the seeds of Ireland's economic success were sowed by a select band of civil servants, politicians and economists in the late '80s in what journalists satirically described as 'The Doheny and Nesbitt School of Economics'.  


Founded by William Burke in 1850, the bar had been a well-seasoned drinking emporium for well over a century before Ned Doheny and Thomas Nesbitt made it one of the most popular bars in Dublin.


After 30 years of success, Doheny and Nesbitt sold their business to Tom and Paul Mangan who renovated the interior while retaining the bar's essential character. Doheny & Nesbitts is every bit the classic Dublin pub filled with intimate snugs and a spacious lounge sporting a very fine selection of drinks and a very friendly clientele.


On one of the major routes back into the city centre from Lansdowne Road, Doheny & Nesbitt is a popular pre and post match haunt and the walls are filled with pictures of sporting stars from yesteryear.


A bar where there is no shortage of things to be discussed over a few creamy pints, Doheny & Nesbitts is well worth a look.


Doheny & Nesbitts

5 Baggot Street Lower

Dublin 2.

Tel: + 353 (0) 1 6762945


Doheny and Nesbitt