A trendy pub on South Great Georges Street, Hogans has been the place to show off your new threads for years now. When Hogans first opened on Georges Street near Dame Street in the early '90s, Georges Street was quite run down and neglected. Hogans was one of the first superpubs in the city and was original designed as a jazz bar when it opened. Hogans used to play a heady mixture of jazz and funky while clubbers drank and chatted before they went out dancing. During the '90s a whole number of trendy pubs sprang up on Georges Street like The Globe, Sosumi and The George and Georges Street became one of the trendiest spots in the city.

In the last few years, Hogans have simplified their philosophy with the bar losing its area of cool, jazzy sophistication to become one of the main late night drinking bars in Dublin. Hogans has a main bar where the punter are mainly standing, a side bar where there is comfortable seating and a down stairs bar, which features DJ nights at the weekend. Hogans used to be the bar where everyone started their night, now it's the bar where everyone ends up at the end of the night. So for a night of drinking and music check out Hogans on Georges Street.

: Jason O'Callaghan

Friday: Mr Moto & Nello Romano from 9pm

Saturday: Eddie Eustace & Dan O'Keefe (PowerFM) from 9pm

Sunday: Cream of Dublin Electronic Music, electro, disco and house from 8pm with resident Sian (Pokerfalt Recordings) and rotating guests Richard Brophy, Simon Conway (Electric City), Philth (Backlash), Chewy (Wax) and Fuboi (Backlash)

35 South Great Georges Street,
Dublin 2.
Tel : +353 (0) 1 677 5904