luxurious bar for the to-be-seen crowd on Dawson Street. Samsara is a trendy superpub situated on Damson Street just around the corner from Grafton Street and St Stephens Green. Samsara is the cafe/bar of the La Stampa hotel and continues the hotel's exotic, Oriental style. The décor of the bar is laid out with an Eastern theme taking influences from North Africa and India. The lighting is subtle with chandeliers hanging from the high ceiling and lanterns on the walls. The front of the bar has an intimate atmosphere decked out with comfortable chairs and a large window that afford a good view of the Mansion House.

Samsara is well stocked with a wide range of wines and beers. The main part of the part provides a lot of standing room, as superbars tend to be very busy at the weekend. Samsara has an upstairs bar and balcony where you can check out the crowd below on a weekend night. A DJ provides the music and plays an eclectic mix of dance, ambient and rock music. The clientele of the bar are made of Dublin's most fashionable and trendiest thirtysomethings and is filled with media types and well-known faces. So, don the glad rags and head down to Samsara on Dawson Street.

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Dawson Street,
Dublin 2.
Tel.: +353 (0) 1 671 7723