Bloody Sunday:Scenes from the Saville Inquiry

Playing at the Abbey Theatre from 11th -15th October.

Bloody Sunday: Scenes from the Saville Inquiry plays at the Abbey Theatre as part of the Dublin Theatre Festival. This production was created in conjunction with the British Council. Tricycle Theatre Company are well versed in producing politically charged performances.

In 1994 Half the Picture-the Scott Arms to Iraq Inquiry was the first play ever staged in the Houses of Parliament. This was the first of a series of plays produced by the Tricycle Theatre company based on inquiries.

Bloody Sunday: Scenes from the Saville Inquiry is about Sunday 30th January, 1972 when 13 civil rights marchers were killed and another 13 were wounded by British soldiers in Derry. The initial inquiry took place in 1972 and Lord Chief Justice, Lord Widgery may the claim that the soldiers had first been fired upon.

A new enquiry was established in 1998 after  an insistent campaign from families of the victims as part of the Northern Ireland Peace Process. Since March 2000, the Saville Enquiry has heard evidence of over one thousand witnesses. Tricycle Theatre company has edited the events of this inquiry down into a play format. Richard Norton-Taylor was responsible for this thorough and compressed editing.

Bloody Sunday is a most worthwhile and thoughtprovoking play. It takes the Saville Inquiry into the public and includes a cast of talented actors. Bloody Sunday: Scenes from the Saville Inquiry has been raved about in Britain. The Financial Times gave it a five star review describing it as "Fascinating and even thrilling. Theatre such as this is beyond price".

A panel discussion to reflect the Tricycle production of Bloody Sunday and the power of political theatre as a platform for social and cultural change on Saturday 15th October between 11am - 1 pm, The Abbey Theatre. Admission  is free but booking is essential. Call 01 872 22 22.

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