An Góilín

An Góilín, a traditional singer's club, takes place upstairs in Tom Maye's Pub on Friday nights.

There are many traditional sessions around Dublin where musicians meet to play together but An Góilín is special in that it is a session dedicated to singing.


An Góilín has been going for over 23 years and has become an institution in Dublin's traditional music scene. An Góilín was originally founded by Tim Dennehy and his brother-in-law, Donal de Barra as a meeting place for people who like to sing and listen to the wonderful canon of Irish traditional song.


Although An Góilín do not insist on a set way of singing a traditional song, they do put a large emphasis on the importance of listening. Complete attention is requested if someone is singing, reciting and performing and this has proven to be a winning formula for the club down through years.


An Góilín have a busy schedule with featured guests like Pete Wood, Anne Skelton, the Caniffe Family and Dominic Kelly all making appearances. There is no admission but everyone is expected to contribute at least two euros for what is an invaluable night of trad singing.


A great night of trad music, as entertaining for the novice as it is for the expert, An Góilín is well worth a look.

An Góilín

Admission is free.

Time: 9.30pm

Tom Mayes Pub
19a Nth Frederick St,

Dublin 1.

Tel: + 8730381