Muji is a Japanese retail store that supplies health and beauty, houseware and stationary products with novel designs at reasonable prices.

Muji have recently opened a store on Chatham Street, Dublin 2. Originating in Japan in the 1980's, there are now almost 300 stores throughout Japan and Muji Europe has recently been established.

Muji is a jumble of gifts and necessities fashioned under a Japanese retail concept. Literally translated, Mujirushi Ryohin, the name by which Muji was originally known, means “no label quality goods”.  The value of the Muji goods is the product itself  and Muji products are never visibly branded.

Muji's goods stand by the principle of functionality, each are created for a specific purpose meaning consumers will never find a Muji product that does not have a use.  This philosophy has important secondary benefits: reduced cost, environmental-friendliness, the use of unexpected materials, minimal processing, and efficient packaging.

This shop's quirky ability for discovering entirely new uses for materials is highly innovative considering that the materials chosen would usually be discarded. Tables have been created from tree thinnings, storage boxes have been created from recycled paper. Muji concentrates on using the best possible materials at the lowest cost.

Not many people would consider making a personal organiser out of  non-corroding aluminium. However when you see it in the Muji store it makes sense: it is inexpensive, stylish, durable, light and a hard surface to write on.

In the Dublin Muji store, shoppers can purchase from a varied and unique lifestyle product range. The store's product catalogue encompasses furniture, storage and household goods as well as clothing, luggage, stationery and gifts.

For durable and stylish odds and ends, houseware, stationary, health and beauty products, visit Muji for ingenious design and complete usefulness.

Muji Store,
5 Chatham Street,
Dublin 2.
Ph: (01)6794591