Conn's Cameras

A new branch of the ever-excellent Conn's Cameras has opened at 54 Clarendon Street...

Conn's stock a great selection of DV camcorders, Digital cameras, SLRs, compacts, printers, telescopes, binoculars and all the accessories such as extra lenses, film, batteries and memory cards, so this is your photographic one-stop-shop.

All the top SLR brands such as Canon, Nikon, Minolta, Pentax and Vivitar are stocked. Staff can explain features and guide you to the perfect camera for your needs, from basic SLRs for beginners to 'the professional's favourite SLR', the Canon EOS 1 v HS. There's also a great selection of Compact 35mms from the affordable Samsung Fino 305 QD to more expensive models like the Ricoh GRIV. Along with the full range by Samsung & Ricoh, other compact selections by Canon, Nikon, Olympus and Pentax are here too.

Conn's also provide a developing & printing service, scanning to CD, film and video transfer and camera and lens hire. Also, if you're in need of a wee passport picture, you can get it done here, and after all, if you're going to have to look at the same glum picture of yourself for the next ten years, you may as well get it done right.

This all-new Conn's Cameras is an amalgamation of the two old branches at the Hibernian Way and the Grafton Arcade, which have closed down in favour of the new shop. The new shop is beside Aya at the entrance to the Brown Thomas Car Park behind Grafton Street.

For full specifications on all models stocked and price list, check out their website

Conn's Cameras
54 Clarendon st.,
Dublin 2.
Phone: 01-677 7179
Fax : 01-679 8970