Ever since Easons acquired Hannas on Nassau Street and made an expansion into Dawson Street, I've had very warm feelings towards it.

I've always been quite a fan of the O'Connell Street branch, with its massive magazine selection, acres of stationary and arts supplies. Every August, I hightail it there to buy my diary, as they stock a soft backed academic-year diary by Quo Vadis that devotes a page to each day and still is small enough for coat pockets. The staff are always friendly and the same ones seem to have been there for years, which must mean they're treated fairly well.

I'd like to be praising smaller bookshops, instead of big behemoths like Easons/Hannas that don't need the help. However, they did convert a bank into a bookshop and for this presentation of the Nassau Street Ulster Bank back to the people, they simply must be credited. You now can stroll around engaging in the agreeable pastime of book-browsing, instead of sheafing hastily through your statements, while being eyed by a beady security man! There's a perfectly serviceable coffee-shop upstairs in Nassau Street and a smaller (than O'Connell Street) magazine and stationary section.

Well any such questions of whether the novel is stronger than the ledger are negated by the continued presence of Two For Joy by Patricia Scanlan on the bestseller list. Check out the website www.eason.ie Top of their bestseller list at the moment is Dr. Atkin's New Diet Revolution, while Michael Moore's Stupid White Men still sits comfortably in the top five.

There are also Easons bookshops at the Ilac centre, Liffey Valley, the Square, Blanchardstown, Busáras, at Heuston Station, on Talbot street, ands at the Pavilions and on Georges St., both in Dun Laoghaire.

40 Lr. O'Connell Street,
Dublin 1.
Tel.: 01-8583800

1 Dawson Street,
Dublin 2.
Tel.: 01-6771255