Fords & Black Pools

The Celts arrived to Ireland about 500 BC and by 200 AD they had built five main roads across the country to connect their main centres.

These roads, impressive even by later Roman standards, converged at present-day Dublin, at a place called the Ath Cliath or the Ford of Hurdles, a shallow crossing point on the River Liffey.

The ford was located where today's Father Mathew Bridge (Church Street) crosses the river. A settlement of sorts grew up at this crossing and was active when the Vikings arrived in 841AD. Another small settlement, a Christian monastic community, thrived just south of present-day Dublin Castle at a place called Dubh Linn (i.e. the Black Pool which was a lake formed by the widening of the River Poddle before it joined the River Liffey).

High Sea Raiders

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