National Museum of Ireland - Natural History

The National Museum of Ireland - Natural History houses extensive collections of wildlife from the past two centuries.

Located on Merrion Square, The Natural History Museum opened in 1857 as the museum of the Royal Dublin Society.


The museum developed into a cabinet style zoological museum with animals from all over the world. The history of collecting extends over two centuries and has resulted in a rich variety of animals, many of which are now endangered or extinct.


The Irish Room on the ground floor is devoted to the variety of animals found in Ireland. Visitors are faced with imposing skeletons of the extinct giant deer in front of a collection of more familiar mammals including badgers, deers, seals and bats, and a fascinating collection of insects.


The upper floors houses everything from an armadillo to a zebra. Animals on the first floor show the amazing variety of mammals inhabiting all corners of our planet from pole to equator. The second floor balcony gives a giraffe's eye view of the museum and houses a large collection of birds from the ostrich to the dodo.


The third floor balcony takes the visitor through the world of invertebrate animals including colourful tropical insects and is the best place to view the 20-metre long whale skeleton suspended from the roof.


Exhibitions in the museum have changed little in style for over a century, adding to the charm and rarity of this national treasure. With over two million specimens in their collection, the National Museum of Ireland - Natural History is a fascinating introduction to the Natural World.


Bealtaine Photographic Exhibition - Capturing Nature!
Date: 17 July - 19 August

On the Top Gallery, an exhibition of prize-winning photos from the Capturing Nature competition.


Intrepid Explorers Tour Series! Coast to Coast
Date: 2 August
Time: 11:30 - 12:30

It's stormy and unpredictable, but a host of animals still make it their home. Find out more about our cliff faces, rocky shorelines and sandy beaches.
Age 7+


Intrepid Explorers Tour Series! Desert Diversity
Date: 9 August
Time: 11:30 - 12:30

The Sahara, the Kalahari, the Gibson, the Mojave - these are some of the harshest places on earth. So what does it take to survive here?
Age 7+


Opening Hours

Time: 10am-5pm Tuesday to Saturday
           2pm-5pm Sunday
           Closed Mondays (Including Bank Holidays)


National Museum of Ireland - Natural History
Merrion Street,
Dublin 2.
Tel: +353 (0) 1 6777444

National Museum of Ireland - Natural History