Epicurean Food Hall

This is a collection of food shops & counters with communal seating offering Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Indian meals, fine wines, coffee and a terrific range for lunch... The Epicurean Hall is the perfect place to go in Dublin for a healthy or different snack or lunch. There are seating areas beside each restaurant and also along the walls of the centre.

The first shops you encounter are Crème de la Crème on your right and lunchtime favourite Itsa Bagel   to your left. The food counter and shops are arranged in an oval configuration around the bright, naturally-lit communal eating space in the middle where there are tables and chairs. As you walk around in a clockwise direction you'll then find La Corte, an Italian shop & food counter offering meals like Foccacia (smoked Parma ham) or Chicken Milanese for €4.50. It stocks all the standard Italian ingredients like pasta, olive oil, sauces and herbs.

Then you have Christophe's, a larger food counter with delicious carvery meats in rolls for €5. The day Dublinks was there, the soups were Tomato & Basil / Broccoli, Parsnip & Ham. A Breakfast Roll here will set you back €5.95, but it'd be worth it.
Continuing around, on your left is the Spanish Bar selling tapas, bocatas and other such Iberian fare like Chorizo extra Rioja (chorizo sausage) for €4.30 while Calamares Romana (Squid Rings in Batter) is €4.75.

Moving on, next up is Istanbul, a Turkish joint with its own seating as well specialising in 'Meditteranean' food, which really means everything that looks unhealthy, but tastes great. A Lamb Doner kebab is €7.50, Chicken Borek is €6, while a Cheese Burger 'n' chips is €5.50. In the left hand corner is the Shalimar Indian, where you can scoff down a Chicken Korma for €7.95 or a Lamb Curry for €7.95. There's vegetarian stuff like Allo Saag (spuds & spinach) for €6.95.

Beside this in front of you is Layden Fine Wines, where you can grab a glass of decent wine to slurp with whatever foodstuff you've acquired. You can buy a glass for €4 to €4.50 or bring a bottle and they'll charge the corkage at €3.85. (They'll open it and give you glasses.)

Aroma Bistro is another Italian place that, like La Corte, has Italian customers.  Spaghetti Carbonara is €6.95. Great slabs of delicious pizza are freshly-cooked and sold by the square. It also does filled bagels at a much cheaper price (€3.95 to go) than its rival across the way. Sandra's Choice offers a mixture of, well, stuff chosen by Sandra and on this day, we spied a Fritatta for €7.95, Good Salads for €6.75 and a Provencale Bean Stew for €8.25. To finish our little tour, there's one of the coffee-house chain Café Moka on our left and a Crepes & Ice Cream stall on our right. A savoury crepe is €5.70, while a sticky dessert crepe is €3.50. Coming full circle we have Crème de la Crème on our left, a French Patisserie that only does fancy cakes and desserts and takes orders for occasions such as Birthdays and Weddings.

Epicurean Food Hall
Lr. Liffey St.,
Dublin 1.
Epicurean Food Hall