Dublin Waterworld

It's here! Europe's biggest indoor waterpark has opened in Dublin.

Ireland's much anticipated National Aquatic Centre has just opened, and alongside the Olympic-standard competition arena, the centre is also home to the Dublin Waterworld.

This fantastic water park has loads of features: the children's pool with mini-slides and water cannon, the two giant waterslides (you slide down one of them in the dark!), and the beach-effect wave pool. You can even surf indoors on the flow-rider, a wave shaped wall that lets you skim on only a few centi-metres of water, so it's very safe even if you've never surfed before.

And then there's the Master-Blaster. Voted the best water ride in America, the Blaster is a rollercoaster that propels you upwards on a jet of water.

If you want something a bit more relaxing, the lazy river will carry you gently along.

The centre also includes a state-of-the-art fitness facility, available to members only. Call 01 64 64 364 for details.

Leisure and Competition Pool:
     Adult €11
     Junior, Senior and Students: €9
Competition Pool Only (Monday to Friday):
     Adult €8
     Junior, Senior and Students: €6

Leisure Pool opening times:
Monday to Friday, 1pm - 9pm
Saturday and Sunday, 9am - 8pm
Competition Pool opening times:
Monday to Friday, 6am - 10pm
Saturday and Sunday, 8am - 8pm
Health & Fitness Club (members only):
Monday to Friday, 6.30am - 10pm
Saturday and Sunday, 8am - 8pm

Location: The NAC is on the Snugborough Road in Dublin 15, close to the Blanchardstown Shopping Centre.